Top Three TED Talks

Today I’m going to TEDx Charlotte and I am EXCITED. This will be my fourth year going—I have a serious obsession with TED talks.  I often watch them in the morning as I prepare for the day. I listen to them in my car. I talk about them a lot. And I’ve forced my team at work to watch them in more than one meeting.

Anyway, in honor of one of my favorite annual days, I’ve put links to my three favorites. (I’m not including the Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford, which they have on their site as a talk. But seriously, if you haven’t watched that speech yet, what are you even doing?)

(1) “The happy secret to better work”is my all-time favorite. It’s hilarious, fast-moving, and has inspired me all 57 times I’ve watched it. It’s helped me to be more positive at work, more happy in life, and better at encouraging others. Sold yet?


(2) “Try something new for 30 days” is one that I reference all the time. There’s something about the idea that change isn’t as overwhelming as we make it—we can change so much in 30 days—that I love. This is a cool and inspiring talk, and it’s only 3 and a half minutes. Take the time and watch it.


(3) The reasons I like “The price of shame” are a little different. Monica Lewinsky gives this talk, and if you’re like me, you’ve spent at least a few moments of your life judging this woman. Her talk is on public shaming and the online culture of humiliation—something with which she’s all too familiar. It’s an incredible, honest talk, and reminds me of the power of kindness in all spaces.



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