Five Favorites Right Now

While I always prefer summer with its long, warm days, I do love the way fall invites you to indulge in ways you wouldn’t in other seasons. It makes me want to bake (and eat) things that smell like cinnamon and cuddle up under heavy blankets. Unfortunately, it’s frowned upon to just do that 24 hours a day. So here are some other things I’m doing these days to relax and soak in the season.


This candle from Bath & Body Works is $22.50 and worth every ounce of dignity you lose walking into a store for teenage girls. I’ve searched all over for a candle that smells like the season, but doesn’t make my house smell like a Cracker Barrel. This is the best I’ve found.


A few months ago I started re-watching The West Wing on Netflix because real life politics were bumming me out. I really can’t recommend this enough. I’m currently watching the final season, which is all on the campaign trail. I think that professionals would call what I’m doing “denial,” but it’s really working out well for my blood pressure.


Speaking of my health, this baked penne with radicchio and Italian sausage casserole is in no way healthy. But on a chilly autumn night, it’s the ultimate cozy, comfort food. It’s a mix of spicy and sweet, with enough creaminess to make you want to lick the plate.


And speaking of things that taste especially good on fall nights, I find this Leese Fitch Cabernet is best served under blankets in front of a fire with a dachshund in your lap. Oddly, the label doesn’t include this recommendation, but trust me, that’s the best way.


Man, I love a good podcast. And this one about a decades-old kidnapping case has sucked me in from the first episode. It just wrapped up the nine-episode series, so you’re coming in at a perfect time if you’re like me and prefer to binge listen your podcasts.



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