Bedroom Before & After

Excuse me while I turn this into an interior design blog for a few days. I’ve been making some switches in the old casa lately and I’m pretty pleased with my handiwork if I do say so myself. So, I thought I’d share because in my next life I want to be an interior designer, but for now I just obsessively buy decor magazines.

First up, my bedroom. This is a “before” photo of my room. It’s actually from like six years ago when Cottage Style magazine featured it in an issue. (I pulled it off Pinterest. Hence the P in the corner.)


I loved my bedroom, but I wanted some changes. The bed was too small for both me and two dogs. And the same two dogs destroyed the room’s white carpet. (Are you seeing a trend in who rules my life?)

I also wanted to update the colors. I opted for more muted tones, trying to create the most soothing environment I could in a room full of canine snoring. This is the result:


So, some info. I brought the curtains all the way up to the ceiling, which makes the room feel taller. I painted the walls Sherwin William’s Sea Salt, which is less jarring in this space than bright white. I put in hardwood floors… because dogs. I switched out the knobs on the bedside tables to a hammered gold knob from Zara Home (Zara Home is my favorite store ever—the curtains and grey and white pillow are also from there).

That’s basically it. Personally, I love it. The room feels open and fresh. And I stretched out my legs and didn’t kick one dog last night. Success.



California Dreaming (Again)

The entire state of California is basically cost prohibitive for me. But when I’m perusing homes for sale for fun, I inevitably end up there. This house is my latest favorite. It’s in Corte Madera, just north of San Francisco. I love it for the unusual layout, bright rooms, incredible views, and cool modern touches. So, if they could just decrease its price by about  85%, we’d be in business.


Project Fireplace Fix

It’s officially fireplace weather. And mine needs some work. “Fix the fireplace” has been a high-ranking number on the House To-Do list for several years and this fall it’s officially made it to the top. It’s a nice enough white brick fireplace, but it’s covered by a black metal firescreen that I’m assuming has been here about 70 years. And that screen is the only thing between my living room and the great outdoors. So, here’s what I want:


Take away the screen, clean out the chimney, and install a damper in the chimney to block the flow of exterior air into my house.


I’ve considered installing a gas fireplace like this because I like the ease of it. (Sidenote: There is something super decadent to me about being able to say “Oh, let me just flip on the fire.” Like, imagine if you could time travel and tell the pilgrims “Hey, one day this thing that you’re so focused on doing for your survival will be something it takes me 0.4 seconds to do as I stick my food in a thing called a microwave and watch a thing called a TV.” Modern life is crazy, you guys.)


Anyway, I didn’t mean to get sidetracked by pilgrims (first time saying that sentence). My point is how gorgeous are these fireplaces? It’s time for me to call a chimney sweep (the internet tells me that’s a real job and not just a character in Mary Poppins) because I’m ready for some fireside time.