What I Like About the New Normal

I was having a conversation with a co-worker the other day and she noted that she’s starting to feel energized from all of the change—she’s not just surviving in this unusual time, she’s actually enjoying it.

My first thought was “Are you even allowed to say that you’re enjoying a global pandemic?” Doesn’t seem like it. But the conversation has stuck in my head. And it made me start to think about things that I’m actually enjoying about this time. For example, I like that…

…it’s totally acceptable to FaceTime my friends whenever I want. (I keep seeing tweets that say this isn’t true, but I’m sticking by it.)

…I’m being pushed to innovate and adapt more quickly than usual. Getting creative and moving fast are two of my favorite things.

…”influencers” matter way less right now. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an absurdly photoshopped expensive outfit post as much as the next girl, but there’s something really gratifying about vacuous perfectly-posed posts looking looking totally irrelevant right now. (Can this continue after quarantine?)

…I made my mom watch Tiger King. She hated it and is still angry at me for making her watch it. And she kept sighing so loudly throughout it that I could barely hear Joe Exotic speak. But without a global pandemic that special experience would have never happened.

…my work conversations have a little more of a personal touch. Maybe it’s hearing people’s dogs and children in the background of calls, or maybe it’s because we’re all craving more conversation, but in the strangest twist I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of my colleagues better in this time when I’m not seeing them face to face.

…it’s pushed me to be creative in the kitchen. Tonight I’m making a Japanese hibachi grill-style dinner. Before, if I was craving this, I would have just ordered it. Now, I’ll be prepared to step into the knife-tossing chef role if I’m ever at a Benihana again.

…how much time it’s given me with my dogs and my parents. (Not necessarily in that order.) After two weeks solo, I moved in with my parents because they’re better than canines at carrying on conversations. And it’s actually been kinda wonderful to have this unexpected time with all four of them.

Ok, that’s it for now. Obviously, there’s A LOT I don’t like about this. The horrifically sad loss of life being at the top of that list. And the fact that I’m actually supposed to be on a vacation on an island off the coast of Cartagena this week being at the bottom of that list. But I think making this list was more helpful. And I hope that maybe it’ll inspire you to make your own list.

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