Books to Escape

Yesterday I went on Audible to download a new book and noticed that multiple apocalypse themed books were trending in bestsellers. Which are basically the opposite of what I want to read right now. We’re stuck inside our homes in a situation that none of us feel especially good about—I’m looking for an escape.

So, I’m currently reading The High Season and listening to Big Lies in a Small Town on Audible. (One’s a chick lit-y novel set in the Hamptons and the other is a mystery set in an NC beach town. Can you tell I miss traveling already?)

If you’re also looking for something to take your mind away from the here and now, I’ve put five of my recent favorites in the “escape from reality” category below.


The Family Upstairs

This book kicked off a serious Lisa Jewell reading spree for me. I’ve enjoyed all of her books, but this one was such an imaginative mix of characters in a perfectly creepy story. There’s a cult and murder and history and mystery with a little bit of romance weaved in, and it all takes place in London. It’s dark, but it’s thrilling and totally captivating.


What Alice Forgot

This book seriously got in my head. The premise is that a woman wakes up from a bump on her head thinking she’s 29, happily married, and pregnant with her first child. In reality, she’s forgotten ten years and she’s actually 39, getting divorced, and has three children. I like all Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies) books, but this one is my favorite.


The Secret Keeper

I love Kate Morton books for the way they jump between past and present—and bring historic events to life. Like many of her books, this one is set in the English countryside and alternates between modern day and WWII. In it, a child witnesses a horrific event in 1961. Only she and her mother know about it. Now, it’s modern day and her mother is dying, and she begins to investigate what happened and why it happened. There are so many plot twists and they’re all so good.


Winter in Paradise

My favorite thing about Elin Hilderbrand books is always the setting. And while I love her novels set in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, this one set on St. John is my favorite simply because reading it makes you feel like you’re on the tiny Caribbean island. Sure, there’s also plenty of mystery and romance—the main character’s recently deceased husband had been living a double life with a second family—but it’s the transportive nature of it that makes this one an especially good choice right now.


The Royal We

I’m late to the party on this one, but I finally read this novel that can really only be described as Prince William and Kate Middleton fan fiction. It’s the story of “Rebecca Porter” and “Prince Nicholas,” and it’s light and fun and feels like reading the grown up version of a fairy tale. It gets a little long in parts and understand that this is the same kind of guilty pleasure of occasionally reading a copy of US Weekly, but we could all use a little guilty pleasure right now, right?

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