Here’s a fun story.

About a decade ago I was spending a weekend with friends in Asheville and met another group of friends—including a guy named Doug. Through a series of events and conversations, Doug realized that his sister, Gret, who lived in Charleston and whom I’d never met, followed my blog.

It felt like a very small world moment.

Since then, I’ve kept up with Gret, who has become a successful artist—and who is definitely worth a follow on Instagram. Her paintings are beautiful, and she specializes in animal portraits. A few years ago she sketched this sweet photo of Rosie and Pawley and posted it on her page.

I loved it, but I’d forgotten about it until last week when Gret saw the news about Rosie and reached out, asking if she could send me the sketch. The package arrived over the weekend, and it might be my favorite thing other than Pawley in my house right now.

I like this story for two reasons. First, because there are seven billion people on earth. It’s fun when you connect with one of them in a totally unexpected way. Second, because humans can be really kind. And it’s nice to have reminders of that from time to time.

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