Sometimes it feels like I need weekends to recover from my weekends. This should be a thing.

Charleston was just as glorious as I’d imagined. We celebrated Erin with a lot of laughing, some incredible food (loved my first trip to Butcher & Bee), and frosé because sometimes things that are basic are also delicious (check out Skinny Dip‘s upstairs wine bar). My favorite moments of the weekend though were just being under the warm sun.

This winter has felt dark. Both physically and metaphorically. We’ve had crazy amounts of rain here in NC, which have made for colder, grayer days than those of us who live in the South signed up for. And my winter has had many sad days that feel dark. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the days that feel dark and the days that are dark.

So there’s something so good about just sitting in sunlight surrounded by friends. We grabbed a lot of those moments. On a rooftop porch. On a street side patio. In a park by the river. The kind of moments that make even your soul feel warm. It was that kind of weekend.

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