Weekend Adventures


It’s really easy for weekends to slip into a routine that’s errands, laundry, yard work, cleaning, and—maybe if you’re really lucky—an extra dinner out or a longer dog walk or two.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes these kinds of weekends are so necessary, and so good for you. Sometimes I need a few hours on my couch as much as I need oxygen. But to me, getting around to Sunday night and thinking “well, at least I finally dropped off that dry cleaning,” is not a satisfying way to live.

So, I’m making a point of planning at least one unusual thing to do each weekend that I’m in town—a weekend adventure. It could be a hike, a visit to a museum, or checking out a new local spot. Maybe it’s a drive to a vineyard or to one of the area’s more charming suburbs.

This weekend it was an Argentinian wine dinner with friends at Rural Hill, a beautiful historic farm just north of Charlotte. It was a brisk, but bright Saturday afternoon and we stood outside in the cold sun, eating warm slices of steak straight from Dan the Pig Man‘s fragrant grill, while we drank big glasses of deep red Argentinian Malbec.

I ran errands, trimmed bushes, and did laundry this weekend too. But Saturday afternoon’s adventure was my favorite part.

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