The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


As with anything in my house, my primary focus with my Christmas decorating is “Will this make my canine roommates behave any crazier than usual?” And, as is typically the case, the answer is a resounding “Yes, of course.”

Rosie has taken to gnawing on the bottom branches of the tree. Honestly, I wouldn’t care because she’s so low that no one is even looking at those branches. But I don’t want her to actually pull the tree over on herself. She’s surprisingly strong for a dog of her dimensions.

Pawley treats the tree skirt as if it is the most plush silk pillow the world has ever seen. Because Pawley can be a jerk when she’s tired, she has access to sleep basically anywhere in the house. The guest bed is considered her bed, I literally bought the couch with her needs in mind, and, of course, she has an actual dog bed. But she’s not interested in any of those. She wants to curl herself around the Christmas tree to ensure all 85 pounds of her are touching as much of the skirt as possible.

This is why people end up with goldfish, isn’t it?

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