Listen Up

I’m obsessed with Audible. I’ve been listening to books on it for a few years, but mostly on car rides and places where I couldn’t read. But I’ve recently had a breakthrough. I can download a fun, fictional novel on Audible and then do all the things that distract me (and my teeny, tiny attention span) from reading WHILE I’m listening to it. I go on walks, do yard work, cook, paint my nails, play with the dogs, browse online, catch a flight, eat a meal, act like I’m paying attention when someone else is talking… everything…. all while listening to a book.

I realize this isn’t exactly new information. But for me it’s been a game changer. I no longer have the attention span/time I once did to read. But I totally have it to listen to someone read a juicy novel to me. The two at the top are my latest downloads and I really enjoyed both. They’re thriller mysteries and hold your attention.

Slaughter’s gets predictably (for her) violent and overly descriptive of violence. Seriously, I hope that woman is in some kind of therapy. But it’s a story of mystery in a small Southern town that folks in the olden days of print would have called a “page-turner.”

The Secrets She Keeps was especially fun. There were some unexpected twists and I loved the character development. That it takes place in London (best city ever) and is read by someone with a British accent (best accent ever), are just added bonuses.


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