In the last few years I’ve realized that in general I wake up unhappy. It’s funny, because I’d describe myself as a “morning person.” I like getting up early and being productive. But the morning is when every anxiety in the world seems to land on my shoulders. It’s like I haven’t been diligent at keeping them at bay in my sleep and so I wake up unreasonably distraught by the state of my world.

(Related: Most mornings I’m awakened by an animal that closely resembles an 80-pound coyote jumping on top of me and howling for food. So maybe that has something to do with it.)

Anyway, because of this, I make a conscious effort to spend my morning lifting my mood. Coffee helps. So do dogs. But one of my favorite things to do is watch inspiring talks online as I get ready. I generally alternate back and forth between Ted Talks and sermons from Andy Stanley’s Atlanta church, North Point.

Right now, his church is doing a series that feels a little like Ted Talks (if Ted Talks occasionally mentioned God). So far, the VOICES series has included talks from Jeremy Cowart (world renowned photographer who founded Help Portrait), Scott Harrison (club-promoter-turned-philanthropist who founded Charity Water), and Ryan Leak (the hilarious motivational speaker behind Chasing Failure). It is awesome. Regardless of whether you even believe in the existence of God, this series and these people are so inspiring.

So, if you’re like me and wake up in a state of despair, definitely watch this. But even if you’re just a normal human who enjoys some good inspiration, it’s worth a watch.

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