Puppy Love


We don’t know Pawley’s exact birthday, but sometime right around now six years ago this little adorable animal was born somewhere in Gaston County, North Carolina.

I found her about five weeks later. It was a rainy and cold Wednesday in January. My friend Jenn and I took an extra-long lunch and drove to the animal shelter in Gastonia to see about her adopting a dog she’d noticed on their Facebook page. (Six years later, Jenn still only has two cats.)


But as I waited for Jenn, I noticed a shivering pile of brown and black puppies in one of the outdoor pens. You couldn’t even count them, they were so bundled together, trying to get warm. I asked a nearby worker if I could hold one. Which one? he asked. Any of them, I said.


He reached into the pile and pulled out Pawley. These have been here awhile, he said. Tomorrow is their last day. And thus the story of how Pawley became the third member of our little family.

She hasn’t always been the easiest dog:


But Pawley is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. She shares my adoration for the outdoors and for bacon. She’s my favorite companion for walks and runs. She’s the protector of our little group. And she’s probably taught me more about love than any human.

So, this is my “happy birthday to Pawley” post. And my “if you can, get a rescue” post. Because she’s my best crazy decision.




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