When we were in Palmetto Bluff over the weekend two events were happening. Garden and Gun magazine was holding its annual Made in the South awards. As a magazine editor/fan girl, I was stalking keeping a close eye on that activity/those attendees.

Meanwhile, the rest of the resort seemed to be there to celebrate a wedding between two very stylish New Yorkers—and at least one style blogger guest. Katie was much more focused on that activity. (Seriously. It’s been three days since we returned and she’s still sending me screenshots of Instagram pics from the wedding.)

Both events looked beautiful. The magazine’s party was held under string lights next to the water with oyster shells underfoot and live oaks overhead. The wedding was held under a huge tent in the main square. This photo above is of a section of the backdrop for the band. (Hello, seriously detailed decor.)

I’m not super into weddings, but I love this look. I want it as a running centerpiece on a long table top. Or as a backdrop for a photoshoot. Or just to put in my living room and stare at because it’s so gorgeous. So, I’m posting it here mostly to remember for when I throw my fantasy dinner party. And, of course, just in case you too wanted to just stare at it.

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