Rappers and Cheese

Today is Day 3 of our Design Thinking process here in California. Basically, the idea behind this process is that we’re supposed to be extremely innovative, extremely fast—and ultimately prototype new products.

Mentally, it’s exhausting. And it’s seriously all over the place. I actually interviewed one guy who told me that he believed that Tupac and Biggie Smalls were resurrected and even stronger now in the afterlife because of the embalming fluid shot into their veins. The rest of the team keeps dismissing that interview as worthless, but I definitely found it to be the most enlightening.

Anyway, while it’s been totally draining, it’s also been a ton of fun. The people I’m working with are all crazy smart and creative. We’ve gotten to be out some in the ridiculously nice Southern California weather. And, most importantly, they’ve fed us exceedingly well (see cheese photo). Next week in the office, when no one feeding me cheese and educating me about the after lives of dead rappers, life is going to feel a little boring.

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