Making Pizza with Wolfgang


Yesterday I got to make—and eat—pizza with Wolfgang Puck. So, you know, better than my typical Tuesday. He was hosting a media event at his Charlotte restaurant, WP Kitchen + Bar and somehow I got lucky enough to cook my pizza alongside him.

It was terrifying. My pizza was ultimately more oval than round, definitely burned on the bottom, and had cheese actually spilling over the edge. (I don’t believe in such a thing as “too much cheese.” This mentality can become a problem in pizza making.)img_4116

While I likely won’t be getting any kitchen job offerings from him any time soon, Wolf (I can call him that, right?) did give some excellent tips on photographing your food. “When I take food pictures, I get as close as possible,” he said, demonstrating his skills.

Naturally, I followed his advice for the rest of the meal/my life. Because, well, he’s Wolfgang Puck.


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