Star Struck


I had a cool day yesterday. In the morning I gathered around a table in a sunny room filled with fashion writers to speak with famed designer Lela Rose (above). She was open and down-to-earth and charming. She’s also gorgeous and effortlessly stylish. So, totally intimidating.

Then, later in the day, part of the team I work with was sponsoring a political forum for the upcoming election so I got to spend some time backstage pre-talk. Lara Trump was there to represent her father-in-law and it was fascinating to see her and the GOP machine in action. But way more fun was having the chance to meet Melissa Joan Hart (as in Sabrina and Clarissa), who was there to speak for the Libertarian party.

She introduced herself to me by saying “Did I just see you at Panera?” I said no, wishing it had been true so MJ and I could bond over our shared love of soups in sourdough bread bowls. She was incredibly nice. Later, I literally interrupted her from studying the crisis in Syria to take a photo with me and she agreed.


Some day, these will be fun stories to tell the grandkids. But the truth is, these weren’t my favorite parts of the day. The best parts of my day were when I got to go watch a talented friend teach a SkillPop class. Or when I got to Facetime with a close friend who lives too far away in Texas and can inevitably make me laugh. Or when I got to call my little brother to wish him a happy birthday.

This probably sounds trite. But it’s true. And I forget it a lot, so I’m writing it to remind myself too. The other stuff is fun to post on social media and it’s a great perk of a job I love. But that’s not the stuff that ultimately makes anyone happy. It did make for a pretty cool Wednesday though.