I’ve had Rosie for almost 11 years. That’s 77 in dog years. The average human life expectancy in the U.S. is 78. So, basically I’ve had Rosie for a lifetime. (This is how I do math.)

When I’m away from home—as I am this week—I don’t miss much. I freaking love to travel. But I really miss this chubby little dachshund. I have another dog, Pawley, who I adore. But Pawley is a dog’s dog. (Some days it feels like she’s basically a feral coyote that I’ve tried to domesticate.) Rosie is a different story. She prefers her sleep to be in fresh sheets, her dinners to be spaghetti, and her baths to be lavender scented.

So when I leave I always miss her. But I’ve long thought that the best part about travel is coming home to a place you love. And Rosie always makes me extra happy to come home.

The Pumpkin Pup

Today on the podcast I co-host we taped a Halloween themed episode. (Full shameless plug: It was hilarious and one of my favorite episodes yet. Listen here when it comes out next week.) dmxbunnysf45hqe8smsysdglo1_1280

It put me in the mood for Halloween and inspired me to share my favorite Halloween pic ever—Rosie in the pumpkin patch. If there were audio with this photo it would be excessive barking. And if there were a follow up story, it would include the fact that this pumpkin patch now has large signs everywhere that say “No Dogs on the Pumpkins.” They put them there the day after this photo took place in 2008 and they’ve been up ever since. Rosie: Changing history one obnoxious bark at a time.